May 19, 2020

Corporate Event Ideas to Deliver Expensive Contracts

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Corporate Event Ideas to Deliver Expensive Contracts
Why not show clients how much you appreciate their business by letting them get behind the wheel of a 170 horsepower Formula race car? An elegant evening cruise could well be the unforgettable corporate event that seals the year’s largest contract.

Whatever a company’s ultimate intentions be—appreciation, courtship, networking—a well planned, memorable corporate event will go a long way to delivering future results.

Contemporary corporate hospitality is all about leaving a lasting impression. Today’s business climate is uber-competitive. Every edge is essential. Doesn’t it make sense to outperform competitors in every manner? Annual corporate events are no exception.

Here are three exciting and unique corporate event ideas that are sure to tip the scales in your company’s favor…

Bridgestone Racing Academy

The Bridgestone Racing Academy offers individual, half-day, one-day and two-day corporate events and is ideally located just outside Toronto. With a clean 25-year-long safety track record, Bridgestone Racing Academy doesn’t require previous racing experience. Expert staff preps first time and repeat drivers on the Mosport Driver Development Center’s 24 courses and the Van Diemen race cars.

Bridgestone Racing Academy caters to corporate events and addresses most liability concerns to encourage companies to book. Participants are not held liable for damage and full safety equipment is ensured. The procedures were enough for notable companies like Acura, Andres Wines, Appliance Canada, Atlantis Transportation, Bank of America, Brinks Canada, Chevron Texaco, CIBC World Markets, Coca Cola and Ernst and Young to partake.

“Here’s a very safe environment where people can push themselves to the limit without great risk. From a business perspective, we sell our products to consumers and sometimes through bars and restaurants. We are always looking for an opportunity for owners to get to know us better, and the racetrack is a great way to break down walls,” says John Sleeman, Chairman of Sleeman Breweries Ltd.

“This is a great way to reward people and let them have fun. So often, a pen for your pocket or a clock for your wall is the reward. That’s not something people remember. Take them out on the race course, show them fun all day and have them meet interesting people, that’s a great way to build business relationships.”

Mariposa Cruises

For a more sophisticated event, Mariposa Cruises operates a fleet of six vessels that can accommodate groups ranging from 20 to 575 people, which is perfect for intimate executive events or informal, company-wide appreciation outings. Mariposa Cruises is especially fitting for Canadian companies hosting out-of-town partners, clients or customers as the cruises navigate the stunning harbourfront at the foot of the Toronto skyline.

Mariposa Cruises hosts corporate events to facilitate conferences, product launches, sales meeting, seminars or workshops aboard the Captain Matthew Flinders, Northern Spirit and Mariposa Belle. All three vessels are three decks and offer spacious facilities.

Mariposa Cruises offers a range of amenities, including, but not limited to, fully licensed bars, chefs, in-house catering, DJs and other function essentials. As passengers take in the lights of Toronto, the crew, which consists of professional event coordinators, will be working diligently to provide a memorable event.

“I really recommend Mariposa. They are a very professional company,” says Larry Cox, President, Polaris Transportation Group. “They tailor the evening to your needs, from customers to the high-end, like owners and decision makers. Any chance to show off Toronto helps our business. This is top end-stuff and improves guests’ view of Canadians.”

Executive Oasis International

If racing around at 225 kmp isn’t memorable enough for your clients and a classy evening cruise doesn’t strike your customers' fancy, try the opulent services of luxury corporate events specialists Executive Oasis International. Executive Oasis International offers travel packages and first-class excursions.

Executive Oasis International has served Canadian giants EMD Serono, Xerox Canada, ExxonMobil Canada, Mister Safety Shoes, Dial Corporation and Thomson Reuters Dubai through various excursion packages.

Some of the teambuilding packages Executive Oasis International currently offers include BMW Driver Training events at multiple worldwide locations, a Luxury Desert Safari in Dubia, an Iron Chef-inspired Villa Cook-off in Jamaica and a dog sledding getaway accessible by helicopter.

Executive Oasis International also features team building simulations modeled after the CBS show Amazing Race. A Wilderness and Arctic Survival simulation is offered in Canada. A Desert Survival simulation is offered in the United Arab Emirates, and an Island Survival simulation is offered in Jamaica.

All executive retreats and team building simulation are commenced with a presentation by the CEO. The CEO’s words are followed by an explanation connecting the value between the imminent experience and the business’ goals.

Corporate Hospitality is big business. The days of the dunk tank and old-fashioned summer BBQs have been replaced with adrenaline-fueled excitement and extravagance-laden international soirees.

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