May 19, 2020

Dannon aims to find new sugar alternatives

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Sumit Modi
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Dannon aims to find new sugar alternatives

Dannon is looking into ways to cut both sugar and sweeteners in its products, following rising concerns about obesity and other health issues.

The US unit of French company Danone is working with the American Heart Association to to find ways of reducing sugar. It has now cut the sweeteners in its products to less than 23g per six-ounce serving, but wants to take that further.

Earlier this year, the US government stated - for the first time - that Americans should limit their intake of sugar, and made it law that labelling includes added sugars.

The American Heart Association's own advice is stricter still, advising that no more than 20 grams of sugar should be consumed per six ounce serving, leaving Dannon to cut at least another three grams.

Yoghurt sales in the US have surged since the government recommended low-fat dairy as part of a healthy diet, leading to nutritionists criticising manufacturers for excessive sugar levels.

Dannon has made steps towards creating healthier versions of its products, releasing non-GMO versions and switching to cane sugar as opposed to beet sugar.


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