Jul 16, 2021
Elise Leise

DAUMAR Appoints Ivan Corvillo as North American CEO

Ivan Corvillo, former DAUMAR CIO, will lead the company’s efforts to expand in North America and redefine the plastics industry

A leading supplier of packaging materials and machinery for fresh produce, DAUMAR has unanimously voted Ivan Corvillo as its North American Chief Executive Officer. The corporation recently built its first US factory in Huntersville, North Carolina, and intends to start up a second US-based factory soon. But in  Corvillo’s first few months in the US, he observed the roadblocks in the plastic packaging industry. 

‘My focus is on implementing organisational changes and understanding the cultural mindset shift that needs to take place’, Corvillo said. ‘We’re committed to environmental and sustainable development. We want to produce our products locally. My goal is to produce 80% of the North American demand at our US factories’. 

What’s Corvillo’s Industry Background?

Before being voted in as DAUMAR’s North American CEO, Corvillo worked with the company for six years as its CIO. In that role, he led development and strategy, implementing new ERPs, managing IT services, and designing factories. ‘I’m able to see the entire business from start to finish in a way that provides me with a competitive advantage’, explained Corvillo. ‘Now, I’m honored to join DAUMAR’s US division and lead the next growth chapter’. 

Corvillo holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and is fully equipped to take on a new challenge. In his new US-based role, he’ll develop strong relationships with regional customers to become their primary supplier in the US.  

What’s His Mission? 

If everything goes according to plan, Corvillo will harness his industry expertise to make a name for DAUMAR in the US. After all, supply chain, raw material, and ESG issues throughout the States make it a market ready for disruption. ‘As we think of the future of the plastic packaging industry, we need efficient waste collection, classification, and recycling processes’, said Corvillo. ‘We want to achieve a circular economy—and drive the changes needed to grow in North America’. 

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