Domino’s is consistently launching new services

By Catherine Rowell

Domino’s Pizza are one of the most renowned pizza companies in the world; however, we take a look at how they are remaining competitive, not solely in price and quality, but how they are diversifying their operations through new technologies, market bases and products?

Home comforts

Back in December 2016, the company announced that they would be launching into the fashion industry through the design of a ‘wipeable’ onesie, targeted at individuals who wish to relax at home after a long day and tuck into food which is high quality and delivered in a timely manner. In a press release, Louise Butler, a spokesperson at Domino’s commented: “We know there’s nothing quite like a freshly handmade pizza and a box set on New Year’s Day.  So, what better way than with the launch of the ultimate relaxation accessory”. As a result of being a limited-edition item, of which all proceeds would go to selected charities, the item will appeal to consumers and be a hit within the market.

New markets

Not only appealing to the laid-back individual at home, the pizza chain is also diversifying into the wedding market. A surprising concept; however, the move will appeal to couples on the big day, hen or stag do, where food can be ordered in advance through a wedding registry and be customised, with a range of choices available to create a laid-back, cost effective and modern alternative food option or evening snack for guests.

Emerging technologies

With the steady rise of digitization within every probable sector, the ordering and delivery of goods has increased consumer expectations for deliverables to be produced and delivered within a limited time frame, be high quality and value for money.

Last year, the company launched its 1-click app, making ordering food through the company even quicker and easier for consumers, alongside enabling customers to order pizza through twitter.

Taking advantage of events within the country, Domino’s also relaunched a Messenger Bot on Facebook to further increase their revenue and attract a wider target base. Previously launching in 2015, the company bought it back in time for the US Super Bowl, enabling customers to order food with the range of choices, where customers would then pay through the cash-only method upon the food reaching its destination.

Innovative delivery methods

Technology is a vital factor within all businesses, at which Domino’s is no exception. The company has undertaken drone deliveries in New Zealand, of which other technology giants are sure to follow suit to ensure products and services remain consistent with customer expectation.   

The company has also previously utilised reindeer within Japan to counteract the cold weather conditions to ensure food is delivered on time and to a high standard. However, this was not as successful.

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