ExxonMobil renews founding member status of MITEI

By Brittany Hill

ExxonMobil has announced its renewed status as founding member of MIT Energy Initiative for another five years.

“ExxonMobil has been supporting MITEI researchers over the last five years to help develop breakthrough solutions that can make a difference in emissions reduction,” said Vijay Swarup, vice president of research and development for ExxonMobil.  “This agreement is another example of our continued focus to evaluate and expand our portfolio of affordable, scalable ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and address the risk of climate change.”

ExxonMobil first signed as a member of the initiative in 2014, its renewal extends the company’s support of low carbon energy research and education. 

“This collaboration between academia and industry has benefited research in areas including solar, mobility and carbon capture, utilization and storage,” said Robert C. Armstrong, MITEI Director. “We look forward to ExxonMobil’s continued support of the innovative low-carbon energy research at MIT as we continue working toward a decarbonized future.”

As a result of the renewal, ExxonMobil will:

  • Extend its membership in MITEI’s Center for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage

  • Join MITEI’s Center for Energy Storage

  • Join MITEI’s Mobility Systems Center

Following the company joining the Mobility Systems Center, ExxonMobil will participate as a sponsor of MITEI’s Mobility of the Future study. “The study – part of MIT’s five-year Plan for Action on Climate Change – examines how the complex interactions between advanced drivetrain options, alternative fuels, refueling infrastructure, consumer choice, vehicle automation and government policy will shape the future for personal mobility.” said ExxonMobil.


In addition, ExxonMobil will also support the development of a new tool called ‘the Sustainable Energy System Analysis Modelling Environment’, which assesses lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions from multiple energy sectors. The company will also support the future role for carbon capture and storage technology, as well as the production of a solar power GHG emissions lifecycle model, demonstrating its low carbon intensity.

“The dual challenge of rising energy demand and climate change requires a sophisticated understanding of the systems in which zero-carbon or low-carbon technologies will have to be integrated,” says Louis Carranza, associate director of MITEI. “Our industry members have that, as well as necessary experience delivering solutions at scale, both of which are vital to decarbonizing the energy system.”

Did you know? ExxonMobil recently signed a five year agreement with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Madras and Bombay to expand low emission research.

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