May 19, 2020

Facebook to open housing complex for Menlo Park employees

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Facebook to open housing complex for Menlo Park employees

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You've heard of the work/life balance, right? Who hasn't. Any time you are interviewing for a new job your future employer dangles that tiny glimmer of hope (that your past employer squashed) by talking about the company's great their work/life balance. Generally, and speaking from experience, this is a lie. While we all love our jobs, the fact we get to go home every night and leave the office (for the most part) at the office, is the best part.

Facebook is looking to redefine the work/life balance with a proposed $120 million housing project within walking distance of its headquarters. Could you even imagine working and living with your co-workers? 

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The complex, Anton Menlo, will have 394 units and feature a sports bar and a doggie day care center - I don't hate that. Keeping with it's small town feel, it will also have a doctor's office (no more playing hooky), a bike repair shop (just in case) and various restaurants (please say pizza, please say pizza.)

Facebook is working with St. Anton Partner on the 630,000 square-foot project and is subsidizing the cost of 15 of the units to allow for low-income housing. The complex will only be able to accommodate a maximum of 10% of Facebook's Menlo Park staff members. 

The inspiration for this passion project seeks to reduce the commute for employees, but some could argue that Facebook is blurring the lines between work and home. 

The complex has already been nicknamed Zuckland and Facebookville

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