Forbes Names Top 20 2013 Billionaires

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Forbes has released its 2013 billionaires list, which this year includes a total of 1,426 whose net worth combined reaches $5.4 trillion.

The United States leads the world in billionaires by location with 442, while Asia-Pacific has 386, Europe is residence to 366, the Americas include 129 and Middle East and Africa encompass 103.

Wealth rose across the globe. Forbes reported that although in 2012, as many billionaires' net worth that fell were offset by those that rose. For 2013, billionaires' whose wealth rose outnumbered those whose fell by four to one. Some growth in global wealth was due to consumer spending such as Diesel Jeans parent company President Renzo Rosso whose wealth came in at $3 billion, retailer Bruce Nordstrom who totaled $1.2 billion and designer Tory Burch who reached $1 billion.

The world’s richest person, as ranked by Forbes, is Carlos Slim, who has been ranked as such by Forbes since 2010, with Bill Gates in as second richest and Amancio Ortega in as third wealthiest.  The world’s richest woman is Liliane Bettencourt of France whose net worth is $30 billion. On the family front, the Walton family of Wal-Mart graced the list four times with a total net worth of $107.3 billion. See the full list below:


Forbes Top 20 2013 Billionaires:

Name:                                  Country:              Wealth Source:                 Net worth:

Carlos Slim                         Mexico                 Telecom                            $73 billion

Bill Gates                             US                        Microsoft                            $67 billion

Amancio Ortega                 Spain                   Zara                                    $57 billion

Warren Buffett                     US                        Berkshire Hathaway        $53.5 billion

Larry Ellison                        US                        Oracle                                 $43 billion

Charles Koch                      US                        Varied                                 $34 billion

David Koch                          US                        Varied                                  $34 billion

Li Ka-shing                          China                  Varied                                  $31 billion

Liliane Bettencourt             France                 L’Oreal                                $30 billion

Bernard Arnault                   France                Louis Vuitton                      $29 billion

Christy Walton                     US                       Wal-Mart                              $28.2 billion

Stefan Persson                   Sweden              H&M                                     $28 billion

Michael Bloomberg            US                       Bloomberg                         $27 billion

Jim Walton                           US                       Wal-Mart                              $26.7 billion

Sheldon Adelson                US                      Casinos                               $26.5 billion

Alice Walton                         US                      Wal-Mart                               $26.3 billion

S. Robson Walton              US                       Wal-Mart                               $26.1 billion

Karl Albrecht                        Germany            Aldi Sud                                 $26 billion

Jeff Bezos                             US                                     $25.2 billion

Larry Page                            US                      Google                                   $23 billion


Photo Source: Flicker/Gobierno de Aguascalientes/OnInnovation


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