May 19, 2020

GM Tells 19,000 Tech Employees: “On Your Bike”

General Motors
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GM Tells 19,000 Tech Employees: “On Your Bike”

General Motors has launched a new initiative at its technical center campus in Detroit to overcome transportation issues. The sprawling campus has 61 buildings located on 330-acres of land meaning employees often struggle to move around. The solution? Bikes.

GM’s bike share program for 19,000 employees will help them navigate the campus which keeping fit and healthy. Zagster, a private bike sharing company that has developed similar programs for other companies, will manage the scheme.

“GM is investing not only in the long-term health and productivity of its workforce, but sending a strong message to other employers around the country that bike sharing is a mainstream transportation option for employees,” said Timothy Ericson, Zagster chief executive.

Employees who sign up for the program can reserve a bike via text message or through a smartphone app that provides an access code to unlock the lock box mounted on the bike. Each bike comes equipped with a basket to safely transport a laptop, notebook and other small belongings. Riders must wear helmets and use bells to alert pedestrians when they are approaching.

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