May 19, 2020

Google are investing in a new subsea cable

SubPartners CEO
Bevan Slattery
Google subsea cable
Catherine Rowell
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Google are investing in a new subsea cable

Google is investing in a number of innovative products and technologies, but it has recently been announced the company are placing an increased focus on further subsea cables. Joining a consortium which encompasses Singtel, SubPartners, Telsta, AARNet, Ooredoo and Indosat, the company will be working towards building a new subsea cable, which will connect Singapore to Australia, with a braching unit which will incorporate Jakarta.

SubPartners CEO, Bevan Slattery concluded: “this cable system complements our global connectivity that links Asia, the US, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. The delivery of secure, reliable and high-speed connectivity between Singapore and Sydney has been the core focus of SubPartners since its inception."

Named Indigo, the new cable will provide increased connectivity within the Asia-Pacific region and Australia, supporting these growing markets. Spanning 9,000km, the cable will contain the capacity of 18 terabits per second against a growing demand for rapid internet services and is the fifth one Google has invested in within Asia.

The two fibre pairs will adopt an “open cable” design, housing spectrum sharing technology between all companies involved, providing joint ownership. Telstra’s Group Managing Director of Global Services and International, David Burns informed Computer Weekly: “With internet data consumption growing by 70 percent in Asia last year alone, these sorts of investments in international networks are critical for meeting the needs of connected consumers and businesses.”

 It will be interesting to see how the project develops!

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