May 19, 2020

He Said, She Said: Former CEO Sues Richest Woman in Canada

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He Said, She Said: Former CEO Sues Richest Woman in Canada

Sherry Brydson, the richest woman in Canada, is being sued by Jim Lawson, boss at the CFL and Woodbine Entertainment Group—and the story is a juicy one.

The Dish on the Lawsuit

Brydson is the granddaughter or Roy Thomson and currently has a personal wealth that is estimated at $6.6 billion. She is the director of a private financial corporation, Westerkirk Capital, where Lawson used to not only be employed, but the CEO.

According to documents from the Ontario Supreme Court, Lawson was fired back in 2012 after being CEO at Westerkirk Capital for eight years. Lawson believes that he was unfairly dismissed from his title—sighting he never received a real reason for his termination. To add insult to injury, he’s also making allegations that Brydson has used the company as her own personal bank account and has made withdraws for millions of dollars without authorization.

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But Brydson isn’t keeping quiet on the matter. In fact, she’s saying that Lawson used his office to download “graphic” porn, which he is denying. Supposedly, Lawson didn’t just download porn, but also distributed it to some of his subordinates.

It’s important to note that while claims have been made against both Brydson and Lawson, none of these claims have been proven in court.

As stated, Lawson currently chairs the Woodbine Entertainment Group, overseeing two of Ontario’s largest horse racing tracks—Woodbine in Toronto and Mohawk in Milton.

Brydson is a former journalist who currently doesn’t keep much of a profile in Canada—she’s the mother of three children, as well as an activist, philanthropist and entrepreneur.

It looks like the courtroom of game of “he said, she said” is on!

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