May 19, 2020

[INFOGRAPHIC] How important is security for small businesses?

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[INFOGRAPHIC] How important is security for small businesses?

As the head of a small business, you’ve probably often wondered about security—whether your company needs it, and if it does, to what extent?

RELATED TOPIC: [INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Reasons to expand your business into Canada has recently released an infographic that compares small businesses in the United States and small businesses in Canada. Below, you’ll be able to see how many small businesses are respectively in each country, as well as the per cent of businesses that fear a data breach could actually take place.

 Furthermore, the infographic shows the per cent of businesses that don’t currently have a security method in place—the numbers are quite interesting, too!

It’s fascinating to explore the idea of confidentiality and which businesses take the idea seriously. Of course, the specific type of business you run will highly factor into what type of security you have and the level of confidentiality you need to impose.

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This particular infographic shows that 2.3 million small businesses in Canada are currently handling sensitive documents and confidential client information every single day. Therefore, it can be seen as to why these particular small businesses need to explore security options and find a method that proves to be sufficient.

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For a complete list of the data on small businesses and security in Canada, keep reading!


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