May 19, 2020

[Infographic] The richest person in every state

Tomas H. Lucero
1 min
[Infographic] The richest person in every state

We know our country is wealthy. We know, generally, who is wealthy. We can tell by how they live.

Outside of celebrities and people we know, we can rarely put a personal worth value to a name. So we continue our lives navigating our circles, surrounded by wealth, without knowing who, exactly, is rich. Who, exactly, are the rich-est.

What does putting a name to an identity--in this case, personal worth--do for us? Number one, it humanizes wealth. We can see a real person with a real name has so-and-so amount of assets. Second, it contextualizes. For example, we can see the ratio of men to women or which state has the richest and least richest individuals.

In this infographic posted to by Jared Keleher, we see a breakdown of the richest people in each American state.

The Richest Person In Every State Infographic

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