May 19, 2020

[Infographic] Six qualities of great leaders

Tomás H. Lucero
2 min
[Infographic] Six qualities of great leaders

Great leadership is always in high demand because the workplace is constantly presenting us with complex problems to solve. Also, we work in teams and we need to create cohesion and a sense of purpose. Some individuals are up to the task and others are not. However, the skill of leadership is not an innate one. Certainly there are individuals who exhibit strong leadership from an early age, but even in these cases, the skill is not fully formed. The person may be confident but lack consensus-building skills. So you have a leader that is not fully formed. This is actually where most of us are to one degree or another. In the infographic below we read about six essential leadership qualities according to the Eliv8 Group. They are vision, humility, self-awareness, integrity, commitment, and helping others.

Many of us, if not all of us, have the ability to lead. We need to start somewhere. If—using this paradigm as an example, we are self-aware and have strong integrity only, and then we know that we need to work on vision, humility and helping others. It doesn’t need to be all three at the same time. There are plenty of competent leaders out there that may have only four of these qualities and they are actively working on the fifth one. They’re still good leaders, working towards greatness. There are also great leaders who are ripe for giving back. They are looking for assertive, ambitious people whom to mentor. As part of practicing humility, you need to find these people within your organization or outside of it to help you plan out your roadmap towards effective, and maybe, great leadership one day.

Top 6 Qualities of Great Leaders (Infographic)

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