May 19, 2020

Information Builders: providing cloud-first analytics

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Brittany Hill
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Information Builders: providing cloud-first analytics

In an industry that never stands still, Information Builders releases a cloud-analytics and business intelligence platform for optimisation.

Who is Information Builders?

Founded in 1975, Information Builders is a provider of scalable software solutions for data management and analytics. The organisation helps business optimise and monetise their data through insights. “We believe data and analytics are the drivers of digital transformation, and we’re on a mission to help our customers capitalise on new opportunities in the connected world," stated Information Builders.

The ‘cloud-first’ release to be known as WebFocus has been designed for ease of use with improvements to its packaging, deployment, data connectivity, data preparation, and visualisation. Its simplified workflow has been designed to benefit both first-time users as well as experienced ones.

WebFocus has been built to remove the pain points of on-premises infrastructure management and complex analytics as well as fully exploiting the cloud ecosystem for improved management, high availability, and nearly unlimited scalability.


The platform which has been stated to update every two weeks with new features and maintenance is strategically designed to improve, time value, ease of use, analytical output and flexibility at its core.

“In a world where there is more data from more sources, combined with the accelerated pace of change in the digital era and more economic and market uncertainties, we offer a unique cloud approach that enables organizations to capitalize on innovation opportunities in a more agile fashion. Over the past year we have made it our mission to embrace and lead the industry’s transition to the cloud and exploit those benefits together,” commented Frank J. Vella, chief executive officer of Information Builders.

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