May 19, 2020

The May Edition of Business Review North America is Live

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The May Edition of Business Review North America is Live

By: Kristen Craik 

The May edition of the Business Review North America is live!

Razer, a leading PC game accessory manufacturer, is seeing major success through the popularity of PC gaming. Started in 2005, Razer has grown into a thriving company that won the CES Best of Show in 2013 for its Razer Edge laptop. The community that support Razer products has become almost a ‘cult following,’ a following that many brands strive for but never reach. This month, find out why Razer has seen ultimate success in the PC gaming industry through incredible leadership

Other topics highlighted this month include bank promotions in the US that make up for low interest rates today, the top five telecom conglomerate in North America, and the importance of brevity in television commercial advertising.

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As this is my last issue of Business Review North America, I’d like to wish our readers a fond farewell. Leading the brand from separate entities of Business Review Canada and Business Review USA into becoming a prominent North American magazine that covers important business news has been a challenge and an exciting endeavor. I look forward to see where the brand goes in the future.

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