May 19, 2020

Metro Vancouver Encourages Return of Unused Medication

BC Pharmacy Association
Metro Vancouver
greater Vancouver
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Metro Vancouver Encourages Return of Unused Medication


The BC Pharmacy Association (BCPhA) and Metro Vancouver are collaborating on the encouragement toward citizens to return unused prescriptions and medication to their local pharmacy. As unused and old medication can be harmful to children, pets and the environment, a pharmacy will be the best place to dispose of unwanted medicine.

"The good news is that more people than ever are taking their unused medications back to their pharmacy," said Metro Vancouver Board Chair Greg Moore. "Our hope is that, by continuing to work with the region's pharmacists, we can make even more people aware of how easy it is to have unused medications disposed of safely."

Parkash Ragsdale, Deputy CEO of BCPhA, said, "Community pharmacists are in the ideal position to promote safe medication returns and have been helping to protect both their patients and the environment for many years. For 2012, we're encouraging the public to make it their resolution to return their unused medications to their pharmacy."



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British Columbians are welcome to return unused and expired medication to pharmacies across the province at no cost to them.

This collaboration is encouraging the return of medication increasingly. In 2008 before this joint effort awareness campaign only 18,000 kilograms of medications were returned to pharmacies. After the launch, in 2010, British Columbians returned 29,791 kilograms. 

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