Microsoft/Accenture collaborate to drive emerging technology

By Brittany Hill

Microsoft and Accenture establish a collaboration partnership as part of a shared vision to amplify the societal impact of emerging technology.

To help increase the reach of entrepreneurs and startups focused on social impact and technology, Microsoft and Accenture have joined forces to establish an initiative that will provide hands on support, as well as the technologies needed to build scalable solutions and business models. The end goal is to create more tangible and lasting benefits for a greater number of people around the world.

“Startups in the social impact and sustainability space are among the world’s most inspiring organisations,” said Jean-Philippe Courtois, Executive Vice President and President of Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations. “It’s important that their passion for meaningful innovation and creating positive change is supported. Microsoft’s collaboration with Accenture offers us an opportunity to empower these startups so they can use technology to make an even greater impact in addressing many of the world’s most pressing challenges. By empowering them, our goal is to help change the lives of a million people.” 

Through the program, Microsoft and Accenture will help social enterprise startups, test and validate proof of concepts, as well as conduct design thinking sessions and support. 


Currently the program will place its focus on the agriculture, education and healthcare sectors, engaging with startups in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA).

“Our experience shows that by applying emerging technologies to critical challenges facing society, we can accelerate social transformation. This collaboration is a great illustration of delivering on ‘value’ and ‘values’ — creating tangible business and social value while aligning with people’s values. By providing social impact entrepreneurs with direct access to the combined power of Accenture and Microsoft’s technology expertise, we can help significantly improve access, equality, inclusion, education, health, sustainability, and the environment,” commented Paul Daugherty, Group Chief Executive and Technology and Chief Technology Officer at Accenture.

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