The Most Congested Cities in Canada and How to Improve Your Daily Commute

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Do you often find yourself stuck in tedious traffic jams? If so, then you’ve come to the right place—this article can (hopefully) help you improve your daily commute with the easy-to-follow tips that are detailed below. Not only can you learn how to avoid congestion on the road, but you can also become familiar with the cities that are known for having the most traffic and perhaps reroute your course of travel.

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Busy Cities make for Busy Roads

Just last month, the fifth annual TomTom Traffic Index was released. The data collected shows which cities in Canada are known for having the most traffic.

First up: Vancouver. Reports have shown that Vancouver has an overall congested percentage of 35 percent. Vancouver ranked first back in 2013, too, with the same level of overall congestion.

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Halfway down the list, Montreal was slapped with a 27 percent level of congestion—up one percent from 2013. And finally, ranked seventh and last on the annual list was Calgary. The city was given a 22 percent level of congestion—the same as 2013.

How to Avoid Traffic

Now for the most important part, right? You want to learn how to avoid traffic jams and ultimately improve your daily commute. If you constantly find yourself stuck in traffic, attempt using the following tips:

Find an Alternative Route

This tip may seem easier said than done, but if you take the time and effort to map out a different path, you could find yourself taking the road less traveled (i.e. avoiding congested traffic).

It’s All about Timing

Perhaps your travel stress can be reduced if you change up your schedule a little bit—play around with it. You may find that leaving home ten minutes earlier or ten minutes later can really reduce the amount of time you have to sit in traffic.

Ditch Your Vehicle

Of course, this tip will only be useful if you live close to work or have access to public transportation. If so, try walking or biking to the office. Or, as mentioned, pursue public transportation. In doing so, you may safe time, as well as be able to do something productive on your daily commute.

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