Move Over, Millennials: For Some Canadian Companies, 50+ is the New 25

By Adam Groff

Companies in provinces all across Canada are setting their sights on older workers and the staffing switch is benefiting everyone involved. From experience to dedication and every quality in between, employees 50 and older have a lot to offer the Canadian workforce. If your company is looking for great workers, here are just a few reasons the 50+ crowd is the perfect fit:

Canadian Companies Hiring 50 and Older

When it comes to hiring older workers, Canadian employers are really beginning to see the benefits of a 50+ staff. Companies like BC Public Service, Manitoba Hydro, University of Toronto, and the Department of Finance Canada all actively hire older workers for their experience and commitment. The companies mentioned above as well as other employers in Canada not only consistently recruit 50+ workers, they also create positions for retirees regularly as well.

Benefits of Older Workers

Older workers really have something add to the workforce. If your company is on the fence about hiring older workers, there are plenty of benefits the 50+ crowd brings to the table that may sway your recruiting decision:

Dedication – Many older workers are committed to doing their jobs right and with quality in mind. They are focused on the task at hand and take their work seriously. By hiring a 50+ worker, you're also hiring a dedicated professional.

Mature Attitude – Speaking of professionalism, many older workers have great attitudes and know how to treat others with respect. With 50+ workers on your team, your company will have courteous, professional, and mature staff members to greet your customers.

Punctuality – With an older staff, you can rest assured your employees will show up on time ready for the job at hand.

Team Leadership – Because a large number of older workers come with plenty of experience, they are oftentimes natural team leaders that other employees can look up to and learn from.

Some Considerations

Although there are countless benefits to hiring older workers, there are some important considerations your company and your hiring manager should keep in mind. As the following article shows, this is especially the case considering how life changes impact health insurance for older individuals. For starters, 50+ workers may have specific health concerns that your company will need to cover if you offer employee health insurance plans. In addition, older workers might need a few extra days for training, especially if they aren't accustomed to certain computer software programs your company uses.

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Hiring Tips

Whether you are entering the recruiting process or you are creating a position for an older worker, there are some pointers to keep in mind during the hiring stage. Finding an older employee who is passionate about working for your company is key. Someone who wants to work just because they are bored or want the extra income might not be the best fit. If the candidate seems like he or she is the right fit for the job, it's wise to have them perform a workplace aptitude test.

Although you won't strictly base your hiring decision on the results, the test will give your hiring manager a good idea of how much training the older employee will need. 

When it comes to hiring older employees in Canada, the pointers above are sure to help you throughout the recruiting process.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including employment and human resources.


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