May 19, 2020

Netflix to expand its airline operations in 2018

Pouyan Broukhim
1 min
Netflix to expand its airline operations in 2018

One of the global leaders in on-demand video streaming, Netflix, has announced plans to bring its app more readily to airlines in early 2018 by using its mobile device encoding to make for easier usage.

The low-broadband service technology is used in most markets where broadband infrastructures are still being developed, and Netflix plans on using these lower bandwidths on airlines that will still be capable of providing video streaming.

The company has previously partnered with Virgin America in offering its services onboard, in addition to rolling out its new download feature in November. However, this new technology will make the app much more accessible.

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If introduced, it could help airlines save 75% on bandwidth costs, something that is likely to be an attractive addition to many carriers.

Netflix is yet to announce any agreements or partnerships, but reduced costs combined with attracting consumers within Netflix’s membership of 103.9mn people will be a handsome investment prospect to many airlines.

The move is also likely to benefit Netflix, with the US-based company hoping to expand its user base through this venture.

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