Never underestimate the importance of sales training

By Adam Groff

Personalized, one-on-one sales can go a long way in today's business environment.

Because of this, a growing number of companies across Canada are focusing on the importance of adding a personal touch when it comes to training their sales teams.

Here are just a few Canadian companies with impressive personal touch sales initiatives, as well as some of the techniques they're using to train their sales teams.

Top Sales Teams in Canada

With the right sales team in place, companies of all kinds can reach new heights while satisfying every customer that walks through the door.

With that said, there are a number of Canadian companies that have been able to achieve continuous sales success just by ensuring each customer has a great experience. These companies include:

  • Aldo Canada - Aldo opened its doors in Quebec in 1972 and is now an international shoe brand. To make sure customers keep coming back time and time again, Aldo trains all of its employees to focus on the needs of each customer by tuning out distractions and asking key footwear questions. Aldo's online store also has an excellent customer support department.
  • Keurig Canada - One-cup coffee makers have taken the coffee industry by storm, but Keurig is still number one in terms of sales due to its customer initiatives. Keurig Canada makes its company more approachable to the customer by featuring customer service agent profiles on their corporate website. Likewise, they make sure all customer service reps use Keurig products on a regular basis.
  • Air Canada - There are a number of sales training techniques Air Canada uses to make sure all flyers have the best travel experience possible. For example, Air Canada hires multi-lingual flight attendants and booking agents so every customer experiences personalized service.

With the companies above in mind, here are just a few tactics Canadian companies are using to train their sales teams:

Taking Feedback to Heart

Customer feedback gives companies a firsthand look into the minds of their shoppers.

The article "Modern Pharma Sales Training Deserves a Personal Touch" mentions the importance of customer feedback and for good reason: it's crucial to the sales process.

That's why companies across Canada are using customer feedback to influence their sales training initiatives.

Whether it's online feedback via social media or in-store customer surveys, Canadian companies are taking their customers' opinions to heart by implementing their wants and needs into the sales process.

For example, if a customer makes a social comment about poor service at a certain company, that company can remedy the problem by putting more employees and sales people on the floor during store hours. It's that simple.

Asking the Right Questions

Canadian companies are also training their sales teams to ask customers the most pertinent questions during a sale.

By discovering the exact needs and specific wants of each customer through straightforward questioning, companies of all kinds are improving customer satisfaction and increasing return visits as a result.

Follow Ups

Sales teams are also being encouraged to keep an open line of communication with customers by following up after sales.

By training sales teams to make follow up phone calls and send follow up emails to each customer, companies are not only meeting, but exceeding customer expectations.

From feedback to follow ups, it's plain to see that Canadian companies are doing all they can to improve their sales training initiatives.


About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including sales training and customer satisfaction.


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