May 19, 2020

New Recycling Options Increase BC's Environmental Leadership

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New Recycling Options Increase BC's Environmental Leadership


British Columbians will soon have more options when it comes to recycling their old or broken electronics and electrical products.

Starting July 1st, the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA), the Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association (CESA) and BC's LightRecycle program will recycle new items such as flashlights, GPS devices, power tools and sewing machines.

“Expanding our current recycling programs is an important milestone for BC,” says Darrell Clarke, president, CESA. “Offering more options further reinforces British Columbia's reputation as a leader in responsible recycling.”

A new program to recycle electrical outdoor power equipment will also be introduced July 1st, joining 13 other recycling programs designed to manage everything from electronics and paint, to tires and small appliances.

Industry-managed recycling programs have been proven to improve recycling rates, save energy and help municipalities reduce the costs of managing waste. Experts estimate that the level of greenhouse gas reductions from these programs is equivalent to removing approximately 73,000 passenger cars from BC's roads annually.

As with other non-profit recycling programs in BC, these new and expanded programs will be funded by a fee on the sale of new products to pay for program costs such as collection, transportation and processing of recyclables. This fee may be included in a product's price or displayed as a separate charge at check-out.

“Funding these programs provides British Columbians with the additional recycling programs they want and more environmentally-friendly alternatives for the products they use,” adds Clarke.

Accepted products can be dropped off at more than a hundred recycling depots across BC. A full list of depot locations is available online at

--News Canada

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