New stadium underway in Detroit, a plus for tourism and local businesses

By Catherine Rowell

A recently signed Memorandum of Understanding will see the Detroit Pistons and Detroit Red Wings National Hockey League move to Little Caesars Arena once construction work is complete. Detroit Downtown Development Authority (DDA) will be contributing over $3 million to ensure the build’s completion before September 2017.

With construction work totalling over $732 billion, architects HOK have provided a sleek multi-purpose design which could house further sports teams in future, incorporating a maximum capacity of approximately 22,000.

Spanning eight storeys, the new stadium will help drive tourism into Detroit, with both the NBA and NHL team situated under one roof and will provide a boost the local economy. The new stadium will create over a thousand new jobs, in addition to over 8,000 construction roles, of which workers will be predominately sourced locally. All building materials for the new stadium will also be sourced locally where possible.

Until the stadium is completed, both sports teams will remain separate. However, once the stadium is completed, the Joe Lewis Arena which houses the NHL will be demolished and remodelled into a hotel complex.

Olympia Entertainment are responsible for the costly project, and have also been responsible for sourcing the trademark for the stadium’s new name, which has cost a reported five figure sum.

The new stadium, named Little Caesars Arena will be shaped into a steep bowl, constructed 40ft below street level, providing exceptional views when spectators look down onto the entertainment venue.

To provide further entertainment value, retail space has also been embedded into the new design, providing increased opportunities to further businesses.

A glass-roofed concourse has been factored into the designs, connecting local businesses to the area, further increasing trade in the area.

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