New York Spa Launches Campaign that Could Change Industry Standards

By Shane Watson

Complexions Spa for Beauty and Wellness has worked hard to secure a unique place in a highly competitive industry since its establishment in 1987. We sat down with owner Denise Dubois to discuss her strategy for success, and how she has managed to own the space that has served a region of 1.2 million for almost 30 years.

Denise Dubois, Owner

After the flagship location in Albany, New York received national recognition as the first spa in the United States to earn a Gold certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED rating system, the business has since expanded, with the opening of a second location that rendered $600k in construction costs alone.

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The home of the second location boasts 43 residential condos, with prices ranging from $650k to $2 million. Dubois declined to say how much she spent to buy the two-story unit, but said that after being in the business for 26 years, she knew it was time to expand—and Saratoga Springs seemed like the perfect spot. The 6,500-square-foot facility opened late September 2014 and has seen rapid success in its early months.

"We chose Saratoga Springs for the second Complexions Spa location based on its long history of health and wellness, which makes it a natural fit for us," said Dubois. "We have also tapped into the healing power of Saratoga’s natural mineral water for all of our hydrotherapy offerings.”

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In addition to this announcement, the business trademarked a new campaign that has received widespread interest from business owners across the industry. Pamper with a Purpose™ embraces the notion that spa treatments should not be an occasional indulgence but rather a lifestyle adopted for enhanced wellness.

Here is what Dubois has to say about a campaign that just might change the nature of marketing the spa services.

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What was your reasoning for developing a campaign like this?

Spas originated centuries ago on the premise of health and wellbeing. Despite the modern idea of a “spa day” as a rare treat, I wanted to focus on the original purpose of a spa visit. I wanted take our understanding of a spa back to its roots of restoration and healing, rather than the superficial indulgence many Americans today now assume it to be.

What has this done for the branding of your business?

It has become a unique selling point that no one else can offer the community. The consumer understands the healing benefits associated with the services we offer. We also offer sauna and steam therapy with all of our services. Our goal is to educate our guests about the wellness benefits of their spa visit, in addition to the relaxation and pampering they seek.

Has the campaign had an impact on overall business success?

It has been extremely successful. Not only has it proven to be a viable revenue effort, but it has also set us apart from area competitors. This initiative has allowed us to take our effort in building our spa "green" as a Gold level LEED certified business to the next level, further enhancing our brand image while supporting our wellness commitments. Since opening in 1987, we have expanded several times. We now see more than 3,600 guests per month. 

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