May 19, 2020

The November issue of Business Chief North America is now live!

Catherine Sturman
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The November issue of Business Chief North America is now live!

Welcome to the latest edition of Business Chief North America

The demand for information technology (IT) services across the US continues to show no sign of stopping. Revolutionizing the way in which businesses and consumers connect and deliver essential products and services, US spending is projected to reach $158bn by 2020, a staggering increase from $141bn just three years ago.

For our leadership feature this month, Anthony Bongiovanni, CEO of Micro Strategies, discusses how the business has transformed its services, and works with clients to successfully mine, manage and monetize informational assets within their organizations.

When used for good, technology can truly change the world. This is the core belief of, a social enterprise that places the greatest technology the world has to offer into the hands of non-profits and educational institutions to enable them to connect their organizations and accelerate their impact. We speak with Charlotte Finn, VP Global Strategic Relations, who illustrates how the company continues to deliver on its vision of empowering non-profit organizations and educational sectors all over the world.

This month’s issue also looks at how the birthplace of the US Independence, Philadelphia, has become one of the most popular destinations for corporate businesses, as well as the top 10 richest people in the country.

Other exclusive insights this month include interviews with Accor, Infomart Data Centers, Wipro Corporation and more.

Enjoy the magazine, and join in the conversation on Twitter: @Business_Chief

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