May 19, 2020

PwC announces Niloufar Molavi as Global Energy Leader

Niloufar Molavi
US energy
Sumit Modi
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PwC announces Niloufar Molavi as Global Energy Leader

PwC has announced Niloufar Molavi as its new Global Energy (Oil and Gas) Leader. 

PwC has a strong record of promoting female employees to leadership roles, encouraging gender balance across the industry. Molavi has worked for PwC for 25 years, becoming Partner in 2001, and US Energy Leader in 2011. She has worked with a wide array of energy companies in the US and abroad, utilising her status as a tax specialist to advise clients on tax structuring, mergers, acquisitions, and potential public offerings. 

According to Molavi, as the world continues the transition to a  more energy-efficient economy, the implications of oil and gas transformation will be profound for businesses and territories. 

She said: “Global demand for affordable, reliable energy will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. But there is a new longer-term backdrop that countries and the industry must swiftly and effectively adapt to as the world transitions to alternate energy sources.

“While there is an undisputed need to encourage greater collaboration between operators and service providers to drive efficiency, reduce costs, other disrupters such as digitisation, technology and data analytics are playing an increasingly significant role in this energy transformation journey.

“Those countries and operators who can demonstrate the ability to respond to these challenges by taking a long term view, innovating, adapting and gauging major trends as they define medium-long term investment plans, as well as focussing on their market-leading strengths will reap the benefits.”


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