SailPoint: driving security in a digital world

By Brittany Hill

Business Chief USA sits down with Juliette Rizallah, Chief Marketing Officer and cybersecurity expert of SailPoint, to discuss how digital culture is impacting cybersecurity.

Juliette Rizkallah, Chief Marketing Officer at SailPoint, started her career in application software development, transfering to cybersecurity by chance when she fell in love with the sector. 

“Digital culture means connectivity,” says Rizallah. “The most significant current industry trend right now is identity - the new security layer. For the B2B world this means the buyer experience has changed, potential customers like to be informed before they reach out to you. They do their research to learn and hear what others say before they make a decision.”

“The demand from users and buyers to be connected is driving increased availability of vast amounts of information through the web. This drive is digitally transforming organisations to use cloud platforms.” Though digital culture has unleashed vast quantities of behavioural data that can be utilised to better target potential customers, Rizallah highlights that “while digital identities are becoming the keys to unlocking the doors to a connected world, they are also becoming so critical that they are the first IT security threat vector, which hackers are targeting more than anything else.” As a result, a new digital culture is enhancing the need for cybersecurity, “with everyone using their identities to access data online for both work and personal reasons, real security challenges are continuously emerging. In particular, privacy and people aren’t protecting their identities and are becoming vulnerable to hackers.” In order to combat this threat, the industry has seen  governmental regulations continuing to increase, and produce “an uptick across all sectors as they increasingly recognise the need for identity governance.”

The impact of digital culture at SailPoint 

“We are all about digital transformation,” emphasis Rizallah. “Digital transformation has been pushing a change in culture to how people want to work and how they want to buy. SailPoint has evolved, riding the wave of changing digital culture.”

For companies like SailPoint that manages and protects the digital identities for enterprises, it is important to promote the growing digital culture and provide protection against the potential threats it many produce. SailPoint leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and Big Data within its technology to drive innovative security platforms for enterprises. “Big Data is the king of our digital culture that is driving SailPoint’s identity data. At the same time, we leverage AI and ML for a critical process, to give the identity data context. Allowing clients to understand who has access to what and what they are doing with that access - a critical understanding in today’s fast evolving digital culture.”


“SailPoint is on the bleeding edge of AI, ML, and Big Data. We are one of the few people solving issues that arise from a fast-evolving digital culture,” says SailPoint’s answer to the growing demands of automation is predictive identity. “With predictive identity, organisations can leverage peer group models to spot risk of inappropriate access. In addition, ML can be utilised to launch certification campaigns on risky user access. The launch of predictive identity allows us to deliver AI and ML enabled use cases across our core open identity platforms.”

When it comes to connectivity Rizallah briefly discusses the gradual redundancy of email communication. “Email is not a medium people find attractive anymore,” companies like SailPoint are becoming modern workforces that are embracing new technology tools - such as zoom and slack - to increase immediate access and provide people with 24/7 connectivity. 

Who is SailPoint?

Founded in 2004, SailPoint has become a leading provider of identity management for enterprises in only a few short years. SailPoint helps customers manage the digital identities of employees efficiently and securely, in addition to contractors, business partners, and other users. 

“We give our customers the critical visibility they need into who currently has access to which resources, who should have access to those resources, and how that access is being used,” comments Rizallah. 

At its core, SailPoint believes that identity needs to be predictive, accessible, and dynamic. “When our customers put identity at the center of their cybersecurity strategy, they are no longer afraid to say 'yes' to embracing new technologies, entering new markets, or innovating in new ways, our customers can move forward, knowing that all their users and access to essential business applications and data are secure.” SailPoint strives to constantly redefine itself as a business to evolue, becoming pioneers and innovative when it comes to identity. 

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