May 19, 2020

Small Business Support Makes Communities Thrive

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Small Business Support Makes Communities Thrive


One of the strongest trends among consumers today is shopping locally. For both goods and services, local small businesses offer an alternative to buying from large chains or conglomerates.

“Shopping locally is an easy way for consumers to do their part to keep the neighbourhood economy strong,” says James Savage, executive vice president for Western Financial Group. “It also offers the advantage of face-to-face interaction with an individual who is in touch with the same community. For example, when you work with an insurance broker who lives and works near you, that person is more likely to understand your specific needs. You can be confident in the solutions he or she recommends.”

In addition, when you shop locally, you help:

Build strong communities. Small businesses bring neighbours together to network, do business and rally around shared causes. The result is vibrant, economically robust communities that are attractive to new businesses and residents.

Keep money in your community. Local businesses tend to spend in and contribute to the community they serve much more generously than national corporations do.

Create jobs. Businesses need employees. When a small business opens, new jobs become available to community residents.

Fuel healthy competition. A marketplace comprised of many small businesses tends to become more competitive in terms of both pricing and available options.

Encourage sustainability. The proximity of a business has a direct impact on the environment. A thriving town can minimize or even eliminate the need for driving and creating pollution.

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