May 19, 2020

So you need to hire a B2B salesperson?

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Tomas H. Lucero
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So you need to hire a B2B salesperson?

Hiring top performing salespeople has always been part science, part knack. Indeed, selling itself is part science and knack.

While during the recruitment process it may seem untrue, there exists an abundant pool of sales talent in the work force. Things and services are being sold, companies are thriving, and the economy is recovering strength. None of this would be happening if it was not for talented, driven, dedicated sales representatives doing their jobs well. As with many other things, for example, finding seed capital, the goal is to find the source of supply.

The infographic below illustrates the tools and resources that any business needs to hire an excellent B2B sales representative. As you will be able to tell, the “sales hiring decision tree” is no walk in the park. To start, an organization needs resources to manage and support sales people, have a clear definition of the representative’s roles and objectives and be prepared to pay the compensation that top sales performers command.

The infographic encourages its audience to engage a search firm to find sales people for an organization. While delegating the responsibility of acquiring new sales performers to a third party may seem inconvenient, the reality of finding top sales talent may persuade you of the opposite.

This is because finding excellent sales performers is more sophisticated than casting your net in the water and hoping for the best. You need to make your company attractive to top prospects, a rigorous, structure and scientific assessment process and, most importantly, access to top sales performers to whom you can offer employment.

All these tools and resources necessary for finding the best talent your money can buy may be too much to ask while you’re dealing with the daily grind of running your organization. Perhaps in the long run, outsourcing your hiring to a search firm is the best engagement your organization can make.

Peak Sales Recruiting claims that engaging a search firm has the following benefits:

·         50 percent: You will hire at a 50 percent faster rate

·         60 percent: Increase in reps making quota

·         6X: Decrease in turnover

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