May 19, 2020

Stripe poaches Google’s Vice President of Engineering

Silicon Valley
Pouyan Broukhim
1 min
Stripe poaches Google’s Vice President of Engineering

Silicon Valley-based startup Stripe has reportedly hired Google’s Vice President of Engineering as the head of its own engineering department, with news having first been reported by Axios.

With Stripe looking to continue its expansion, Singleton has been brought in largely due to his experience in both leadership roles and innovative product development.

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In his current position at Google, Singleton has been playing a leading role within the company’s Android Wear and Google Fit teams, becoming renowned as one of the key figures behind Google’s smartwatch products.

He has largely specialised in engineering since he joined Google in May 2006, having initially been appointed as a Software Engineer for the company.

Axios also revealed that Singleton will now relocate to San Francisco for his new role with Stripe, with Engineering talent currently in high demand in the Silicon Valley area. Just last year, Stripe itself was offering to hire candidates in teams in an attempt to fill a number of engineering roles with suitable candidates.

Having hired Singleton, the company is now close to reaching the 1,000-employee milestone.

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