Taking Care of Business—3 Tips for Eager Entrepreneurs

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If you’re a young, eager entrepreneur who has hopes of having a successful career in business, then Mark Cuban has some helpful tips to offer. Known for being a billionaire, as well as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Cuban once started out like so many others—a recent graduate, strapped for cash and looking for work. However, thanks to selling his software distribution company, MicroSolutions, Cuban became a millionaire in his early thirties. Here’s his advice on getting started:

Don’t Live Expensively

Does it really matter what kind of car you drive or where you live? It’s important, especially when you’re just starting out, to save as much as possible (i.e. build a financial cushion). Try to pay off debt instead of acquiring more through credit cards. If you can ignore the attraction of luxurious items that you don’t need, then you will be prone to create a savings that you can later fall back on.

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Take Risks and Find Your Dream Job

Finding a dream job or a job that you like can be challenging, but it’s possible. First off, it’s important to take some risks. For example, while searching for a job that you really want, you may have to take work that isn’t overly appealing (i.e. waiting tables or running a cash register) so that you can have a source of income and pay your bills. However, don’t stop looking for that dream job. Even when you find a job in your field, you may discover after a few months that you don’t like it. Keep looking until you find the perfect fit.

When you find a job that you really enjoy, you will be able to start building a foundation for your career. How will you know if you’ve found a job that you really like? You won’t worry about the amount of money you receive on your paycheck. Sure, it’s important to want to earn money and support yourself comfortably, but money shouldn’t be your only agenda or your top goal. You have to love what you do—the money will follow.

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Have a Positive Attitude and Try Your Best

 It’s important to begin everyday with a positive attitude. After all, being negative won’t get you too far; the feeling is also just plain exhausting—be optimistic.

Once you’ve found a job, make sure you give it your all. Try your hardest and become the best worker you can possibly be. If you want to become exceptional, then you’ve got to give your job everything you’ve got! 

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