May 19, 2020

Tim Hortons launches Beyond Meat Burgers

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Tim Hortons launches Beyond Meat Burgers

Restaurant chain Tim Hortons has announced the launch of two burgers featuring the Beyond Meat 100% plant based burger patty.

The launch comes after last month’s offering of three breakfast sandwiches featuring the Beyond Sausage Patty. It marks the first time that the chain has sold burgers, with TimHortons being able to owing to the shared method of cooking with the breakfast patty.

“Following the success of the Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich launch, we wanted to partner with Tim Hortons to offer Canadians a delicious plant%u2011based lunch and dinner option,” said Ethan Brown, Founder and CEO of Beyond Meat. “With more and more Canadians interested in incorporating plant%u2011based proteins into their diet, we are excited to be able to make our Beyond Burger available at Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada.”


The two options are the Beyond Burger and the BBQ Beyond Burger. In its press release the company said that the Beyond Burgers would be available at 4000 locations nationwide from the 17th of July.

Mike Hancock, Chief Operating Officer of Tim Hortons said: “We’re excited to be able to offer our guests a burger for the very first time. With nearly 4,000 Tim Hortons locations across the country, we are the largest quick service restaurant in Canada to add the Beyond Burger to our menu and at just $5.69, at one of the most affordable price points as well. Our guests are looking for more options and the Beyond Burger is a delicious addition that doesn’t compromise on taste or satisfaction.”

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