Top 10 CEOs in the USA

By Ben Mouncer

Here are the top ten CEOs in the US ranked by their overall compensation for 2017. The rankings are based on the list which was published in the New York Times on May 25, 2018. 

10. Stephen Kaufer, TripAdvisor (TRIP)

$700,000 Salary / $43.2mn overall compensation

Stephen Kaufer, age 53, helped found TripAdvisor in February 2000 along with Langley Steiner and others. Kaufer has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of TripAdvisor since starting the company. TripAdvisor has its headquarters in Needham, Massachusetts, and offices in Overland Park, Dallas, Atlanta and 35 other global bases. It is estimated that TripAdvisor has 3,236 employees with a median salary of $99,643.


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9. Ronald F. Clarke, FLEETCOR Technologies (FLT)

$1,000,000 Salary / $45.1mn overall compensation

Ronald F. Clarke, age 61, became the CEO and President of FLEETCOR Technologies in August of 2000. In March of 2003, he also took on the role of Chairman of the company.  FLEETCOR Technologies has its headquarters in Norcross, Georgia and has offices in Atlanta and Wichita in addition to 16 other offices around the world.  FLEETCOR Technologies has more than 7,100 employees with a median salary of $34,700.


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8. Jeff Bewkes, Time Warner (TWX)

$2,000,000 Salary / $49mn overall compensation

Jeff Bewkes, aged 66, was the CEO of Time Warner from 2008 to June 14, 2018, when Time Warner was acquired by AT&T. At the time of the merger, Time Warner was headquartered in New York City. In 2017 Time Warner Cable had approximately 26,000 employees with a median salary of $75,217.

7. Dexter Goei, Altice USA (ATUS)

$490,385 Salary / $56.3man overall compensation

Dexter Goei, age 47, became the CEO and chairman at Altice USA in June 2016. Goei first joined the company in 2006 after working in the investment banking industry for 15 years at JP Morgon and Morgan Stanley. Altice USA was started as a subsidiary of the international Altice Group in 2015. The company headquarters are located in Bethpage, New York. The company currently has around 15,300 employees with a median income of $121,645.


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6. W. Nicholas Howley, TransDigm Group (TDG)

$7,000,000 Salary / $61mn overall compensation

W. Nicholas Howley, age 65, became the CEO at TransDigm Group in 2003 after the purchase of TransDigm Incorporated, the company he founded with Douglas W. Peacock in 1993. On April 30, 2018, Howley changed positions at TransDigm Group and took over the responsibility of the Executive Chairman. TransDigm Group is currently headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. The company employees approximately 9,200 people with a median salary of $103,797.

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5. Gregory B. Maffei, Liberty Media

$2,118,454 Salary / $61mn overall compensation

Gregory B. Maffei, age 58, is the president and CEO of Liberty Media. He also serves as the chairman of TripAdvisor, Live Nation Entertainment, and Sirius XM. Maffei took over as CEO of Liberty Media in 2005. The company was initially formed as a separate entity by TCI in 1991. The business currently has its headquarters in Englewood, Colorado. There are just over 3,500 employs who earn a median salary of $98,725. 


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4. Leslie Moonves, CBS (CBS)

$3,500,000 Salary / $68.4mn overall compensation

Leslie Moonves, age 68, joined CBS as the president of CBS Entertainment and became the chairman and CEO in 2003. The parent company of CBS was founded in 1928 when William Paley was able to acquire 16 separate radio channels and then combined them to create Columbia Broadcast System. The headquarters for CBS is in New York City, and the company has 59 other locations throughout the US and internationally. CBS has around 12,700 employees with a median salary of $116,654.


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3. Michael Rapino, Live Nation Entertainment (LYV)

$2,416,667 Salary / $70.6mn overall compensation

Michael Rapino, age 52, has been serving as the CEO and President of Live Nation Entertainment since August 2005. Rapino also currently is the CEO and President of Live Nation Worldwide, Inc. and Live Nation Merchandise, Inc. Live Nation Entertainment was formed after the merger of Ticketmaster and Live Nation in 2010. Live Nation Entertain has its headquarters in Beverly Hill, California.  Live Nation Entertainment employs approximately 8,300 people with a median salary of $24,406.


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2. Frank J. Bisignano, First Data Corporation (FDC)

$1,320,000 Salary / $101.2mn overall compensation

Frank J. Bisignano, age 59, became the CEO of First Data Corporation in 2013. Bisognano also serves as the company's chairman. He is also the CEO at FundsXpress Financial Network and FDGS Group, LLC. First Data Corporation was founded in 1995 when First Data Resources merged with First Financial Management Corporation. The headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia and the company has 136 offices located in 24 countries. First Data Corporation has around 22,000 employees with a median salary of $50,406.


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1. Hock E. Tan, Broadcom (AVGO)

$1,100,000 Salary / $103.2mn in overall compensation

Hock E. Tan, age 65, became the CEO, President and Director of Broadcom in March of 2006. Broadcom Corporation was founded in 1991 by Henry Samueli and Henry Nicholas. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California and has 52 other offices both in the US and abroad. Broadcom employs around 14,000 with an average salary of $125,000. 


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