The top veteran employers in the US

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Supporting former military members is crucial for Americans in all walks of life. 

Thankfully, many businesses are taking the lead by employing many service personnel who are integrating back into the workforce.  As a result, these individuals, as well as the businesses, can greatly benefit from this kind of action.

Follow along as we look at these dynamics of how military personnel are getting back into the workforce.

From the business world to education itself, there are some key elements that are helping American heroes return to the workforce.

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Top veteran employers lead the way

If you are a business owner, it's hard not to be encouraged by some of the top veteran employers in the country.

In a piece from, 35 of the best veteran employers are listed for their commitment to hiring former military personnel. 

You can see companies like General Electric, where they employ more than 10,000 veterans and an astounding one in 14 GE employees is a U.S. veteran.  Other smaller companies have followed suit by making it a priority to support the brave men and women who serve the country.

In early February of 2014, the Wall Street Journal announced that an entire industry was taking the matter seriously - as more than 100 construction companies planned to hire more than 100,000 veterans within five years. The piece notes that since 2011, American businesses have hired nearly 400,000 veterans and military spouses.

Why is this good for the businesses as well as the former troops? 

Businesses realize that those who serve in the military have a great deal of discipline, drive, and other assets needed to do a job well. Not only can businesses benefit from helping out American heroes, but they can take certainly use their experience that translates well to the workforce.

Evaluating the opportunities

Aside from major businesses opening positions to veterans, there are a couple of other key parts to this topic.

Education is unsurprisingly involved, as the nation has taken steps in making college courses accessible to military service members. With these standards in place, former military members can easily navigate the sometimes complicated waters of education once they return home. 

As a result, many are able to complete their intended degree and enter the workforce with yet another asset, in addition to their valuable experience in the military.

Momentum forms the other key cog. 

For American service troops to have plenty of opportunities, businesses of all sizes need to understand the importance of hiring veterans.  The benefits are many on both sides, and it's a wonderful thing to do for the many American heroes that return. 

With this focus, businesses of all shapes and sizes can support and enjoy the presence of these men and women.


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