May 19, 2020

TransCanada Corp to go ahead with CA$1.5bn expansion project

TransCanada Corp
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TransCanada Corp to go ahead with CA$1.5bn expansion project
TransCanada Corporation has announced that it will go ahead with its CA$1.5bn expansion of its NOVA Gas Transmission (NGTL) System that will connect both existing and new supply to incremental intra-basin demand
The firm will apply to the National Energy Board for approval of the construction and operation of the facilities in Q2 2019, with a view to beginning work during Q3 2020.
The project will use around 197km of large diameter pipeline, as well as three compression units, meter stations, and other relevant facilities.
“Shippers have executed commercial agreements for 754 million cubic feet per day (MMcf/d) of incremental firm delivery services commencing in April 2022 that will connect growing Alberta market demand in the power generation, oil sands, petrochemical, industrial and utilities segments,” the statement read.
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It added that a further 377 MMcf/d of firm receipt services have been executed for commencement in November 2021, connecting the system to incremental Montney and Deep Basin supply.
“The NGTL System continues to expand as parties require and contract for greater pipeline capacity to meet the growing demand for clean-burning natural gas from domestic and export markets,” said TransCanada’s president and CEO Russ Girling.
He added: “This new investment brings the capacity expansion programs underway on the NGTL System to more than $9 billion.”

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