May 19, 2020

TransPerfect expands GlobalLink platform with Applanger acquisition

Kayleigh Shooter
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TransPerfect expands GlobalLink platform with Applanger acquisition

TransPerfect, which is headquartered in New York, has offices in 90 cities and provides services in over 170 languages, offers language and technology solutions for worldwide businesses. The company has released its plans to acqire with Applanga, which is an innovative cloud-based translation system headquartered in Berlin.

TransPerfect will utilise Applanga’s expertise to expand their GlobalLink platform. Christian Stanke and Steffen Romer, the Applanga’s cofounders, will work as a part of TransPerfect’s technology team to grow the GlobalLink platform in order to improve it for gaming and mobile use. More than 4,000 global organizations currently employ TransPerfect’s GlobalLink as a multilingual content manager.

Stanke said “We've had the opportunity to collaborate with the TransPerfect team previously, and that experience has given us tremendous confidence that we are now part of a flexible, technology-focused, and forward-thinking company with global resources that will help Applanga thrive”.

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“TransPerfect has a reputation for furthering the development of innovative technology and fostering the career growth of tech professionals” added Romer. “We are excited to capitalize on the new opportunities that joining the TransPerfect family has made possible”.

TransPerfect also announced this week that it is donating its services to help globalize a campaign by, a charity that is aiming to give people ownership of their personal data. The company will use its language and marketing services to make the campaign accessible in 15 of the most commonly spoken languages in the world.

The CEO and founder, Richie Etwaru said: “The partnership enables individuals across borders to learn about, understand, and claim the 31st Human Right, which will drive the movement globally to classify our human data as human property.”

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