May 19, 2020

Travel between US and Canada surges in 2017

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Travel between US and Canada surges in 2017

Official numbers out of Statistics Canada Monday revealed that Canadians’ visits to the US has surges to their highest level since 2015 in January, with 3.6 million trips.

This figure was a growth of 7 percent from December’s level, Statistics Canada reported. The numbers contest several recent media reports that travel to the US had decreases since November. Furthermore, the US travel Association reported that it is seeing “mounting signs” of a broad slowdown in demand by foreign travellers to the US.

Travel agent Melissa Erskine, owner of iDream Travel based in Ontario, told The Associated Press that some of her clients "are no longer interested in going to the U.S. due to Trump's policies and have looked at other options within Canada." 

However, this sentiment is not present in Canada’s official travel numbers.


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Source: CBC

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