Trianz: digitally transforming technology solutions

By Georgia Wilson

With almost 20 years’ experience within IT consulting and services, Ganeshan Venkateshwaran, President at Trianz, understands the rapid pace at which his industry can evolve, driven by new and innovative technologies. He believes that, when it comes to the technology industry, “a key disruptor is the pace at which core businesses are getting disrupted. This, he says, means that the need for technologies to deliver faster, better and connected outcomes has never been greater in order to stay ahead.

“As early as 2013, Trianz Founder and Chairman Sri Manchala sensed new paradigms taking shape and spent serious time with clients understanding how it impacted them,” says Venkateshwaran. Before digital transformation became fashionable, he explains, Sri and the senior leadership team applied themselves to create the right portfolio required for multidisciplinary collaboration. “When we saw digital disruption coming, we consciously transitioned out from any legacy footprints we had, investing not only in creating digital assets but we trained and transformed our core assets, our people.”

In terms of that transformation, Venkateshwaran has seen multiple technologies drive digital disruption in the sector. These, he adds, include“, an integrated cloud and infrastructure operations management platform, to provide a unified and holistic view of IT operations, spanning infrastructure and applications; Arxway, a bastion host server that connects an organization’s VPNs to AWS Cloud's EC2 instances, enabling enhanced security and authorized user access from anywhere; Trianz Marketing Data Lake Solution, a unified repository for all customer data, combining internal and external sources to produce data marts in an analytical consumable format; and Trianz IoT Platform, the management layer Underlying IoT which has the capability to visualize device topology and rule chain analysis for predefined actionable patterns. 

Cloud in particular is becoming increasingly important to companies worldwide, he states. For example, he explains how businesses of all sizes are increasing their investment in public cloud, taking a balanced approach that enables them to opt for a ‘multi-cloud’ strategy. The development of hybrid cloud solutions and innovations in containerisation “marks the next phase of cloud adoption,” he adds.

With the continuous increase in cloud and analytical technology driving mainstream businesses, Venkateshwaran discusses in more detail how Trianz works to leverage innovations such as chatbots (natural language processing), connected clouds (public, private, hybrid), blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, AIOps platforms, digital twins, serverless computing, DevOps assembly lines and microservices. 

“Our digital transformation includes building a machine learning algorithm to classify legal documents for a leading law firm, leveraging Azure Cognitive services,” he explains. “We are also developing a chatbot that can retrieve data in conversional ways for insurers; building a network management system (NMS) solution based on an open source IoT platform, to monitor and manage patented BPL devices; an AIOps product, that ingests system services and application logs that uses predictive algorithms in an event management framework; and developing deep competency in areas of Modern data stacks and driving certification around Azure, GCP, Talend, Snowflake looker and AppDynamics.

“At Trianz, our ‘Innovation Labs’ are hotspots where new platform features and capabilities are evaluated and tested for specific use cases,” comments Venkateshwaran. “The company is constantly evaluating next generation technologies and developing POCs/Prototypes that enable technology based disruption.” In addition to its current projects in progress, Trianz has launched Trasers, “a syndicated, benchmarking and custom research service based on the world’s largest study in digital transformations, spanning over 5,000 companies across 17 industries.” The service aims to allow business leaders to develop visions, strategies and roadmaps with data driven insights for digital solutions.

Venkateshwaran also highlights the importance of crafting the right service model strategy alongside the right technology partnerships and the right culture, for multidisciplinary collaboration. If companies do this, he states, it can help to keep both themselves and their clients ahead of the digital transformation curve. “By investing in digital workplace technology” he adds, “we can provide operational efficiencies to our global workforce, to optimise synergies through seamless communication and collaboration.



Leading the digital transformation race

Founded in 2001, Trianz has been solving critical challenges faced by business leaders through perspectives backed by experience and research for nearly two decades. Says Venkateshwaran: “we have positioned ourselves as next-generation leaders in digital transformation engagements.” 

Trianz delivers to its clients business and technology roadmaps, business readiness and organisational adoption for strategic initiatives, as well as technology services ranging from platform selection and technology architecture, all the way through to solution implementations. “These services aim to facilitate, orchestrate and simplify the uphill task of evolving digitally and contextualise interactions with clients to personalise their experiences. To reflect this commitment, our business theme is ‘Digital Evolution Simplified’.

“We have carefully crafted an ecosystem engineered around our focus on digital evolution,” continues Venkateshwaran “we are committed to enabling business and technology leaders to drive transformations through simple, yet effective, techniques.” Venkateshwaran believes Trianz’s strengths are, its “exclusive focus on digital transformation, unbiased insights, global scale, values and culture.” 

Over these years, Trianz has expanded its footprint to multiple global locations, with over 2,500 successful client partnerships and engagements with Fortune 1000 and emerging organisations in multiple industries.


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