Trident Worldwide: top five tips for supply chain efficiency

By Georgia Wilson
Trident Worldwide shares its top five tips on how to improve supply chain efficiency...

With so many steps to the supply chain, in order to stay efficient, even the most successful organisations need to work on improving each operation on a regular basis, in line with company changes and growth. With competition and demand so high, the most effective supply chains can often provide a sought-after advantage over competitors, so it’s important to regularly analyse and review each moving part of the chain to ensure optimum speed and efficiency. 

Costs, minimisation of working capital, improved forecasting and interpretation and utilisation of retrieved data all require careful consideration throughout the management of a supply chain. Yet in order to fulfil the end to end process successfully, sometimes it’s as simple as increasing awareness and looking to the future to improve and achieve. 

Build Strong Relationships

Supply chain involves a huge amount of communication, and it’s this communication which goes a long way in reducing any possible mistakes, misunderstandings or incidents. Some chains involve many different companies, by putting time aside to develop relationships with these key partners, whether that be by weekly meetings or frequent phone calls, each organisation is able to learn how the other works and therefore how each business can adjust to work cognitively to help avoid any hiccups. Cultivating these relationships within the supply chain will go a long way identifying a faster solution, should any issues within the chain arise. 

Improve Visibility

Having maximum available insight into the business will provide huge benefits in terms of increasing supply chain efficiency. Collating hard data by tracking each and every component of your product or service’s journey through the chain and sharing this with partners, will not only aid in improving internal operations but could also improve the chain as a wider collective. 

Increasing supply chain visibility will allow for more efficient strategies to be developed, so businesses can adapt more readily and plan ahead to fulfil future demand. 

Employee Development

Training your workforce will aid in ensuring your business has an effective output and more streamlined running, which ultimately will reduce less incidents. Creating an employee development programme such as a formal training curriculum or training while on the job will help employees understand exactly how each process works and the impact they provide on the supply chain in order for it to run successfully. 

It’s important that in instances where training is taking place, all machinery, training materials and procedures are updated in line with new processes, so that key learnings can be implemented immediately. 

Invest in the Right Technology

The industry is evolving and digitising in order to strengthen supply chain methods and investing in the right technologies during this time will benefit how streamline the overall operation is. The use of Warehouse Management Systems is one effective example of this, these systems allow businesses to easily track, document and evaluate the running of their operation overtime and provide insights and data analytics that could be used to assess any areas that need improving. 

Leveraging the use of new technologies, such as Trident Worldwide's platform which provides end-to-end logistics, warehousing and marketplace solutions all in one place, allows for ease and clear visibility of all data. Key technologies help to quicken decision-making and reduce any manual intervention. 

Implement a Project Plan

Having a good quality project plan in place will improve the efficiency of the supply chain, but it’s important to note that once implemented this doesn’t simply stop, it’s an on-going process. A comprehensive project plan acts more as a framework to be continuously worked on and monitored. This project plan will influence the business on making any risky decisions and strategic investments, support the smooth sailing supply chain and contribute to the improvement of the project as a whole.

When creating a project plan, it’s important that clear goals are in place to fully align with the broader corporate vision. 

Improving the supply chain efficiency can require a lot of hard work, collaboration between departments and business partners and analysing huge chunks of data, however it is well worth the invested effort. Assessing every area of the process, building strong relationships, gaining clear transparency into the supply chain, training staff, making smart technology investments and implementing a comprehensive project plan to guide the business through the process will benefit the overall process by exceeding the company’s goals and objectives. 

About Trident Worldwide

Trident Worldwide is launching a b rand new platform that provides an end-to-end logistics, warehousing and marketplace solution all in one place. It is set to simplify and modernise operations, allowing the opportunity for businesses to grow without logistical restraints.

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