The value of charitable partnerships (and 5 Canadian charities to consider)

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Originally reported by our sister brand FDF World, Pizza Pizza has recently opened their hearts and their wallets—the famous franchise has decided to support the Toronto Zoo. Specifically, the company has donated $250,000 toward a new Wildlife Heath Centre facility.

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The new centre will be a great addition, as it will include a fully-functioning animal hospital, (the hospital will be complete with an operating room, x-ray suite and laboratory), reproductive research laboratories, various multi-purpose animal holding area and a quarantine wing.

Chief Executive Officer of the Toronto Zoo John Tracogna stated, “On behalf of the Toronto Zoo Board of Management, staff, volunteers and 5,000 animals, I want to thank Pizza Pizza for their ongoing support over the years and for their significant financial contribution to this project. We have had a long-standing relationship with Pizza Pizza and their donation towards this critical project will have a direct impact on our continued efforts to ensure the ongoing survival of many of the worlds’ most vulnerable and endangered species.”

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In regards to the notable donation, President and CEO of Pizza Pizza Limited Paul Goddard stated, “Giving back to the communities we serve is an important part of Pizza Pizza’s culture. The Toronto Zoo is a special part of our community and the new Wildlife Health Centre is an initiate that we are proud to support. Our investment in the WHC helps to ensure the zoo can provide top notch health care for animals and support those who care for them. “

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Other charities and ways to give back

If you are the CEO or head of a company and you’re in a position to give back, you should definitely consider the positive possibilities the action can promote. Not only does choosing a cause or organization to support show true leadership skills, it can also help to convey how much you value your community and surrounding area.

Following in Pizza Pizza’s example, there are plenty of organizations to support—you just have to find one that is particularly near and dear to you. Below, you will find a list of different charities that you may choose to research and assist. However, if you don’t find a cause on the list that you connect with, don’t lose hope. As mentioned, there are plenty of Canadian causes that need assistance.

1. Alberta Cancer Foundation

2. BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

3. Canadian Food for Children

4. Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation

5. Plan Canada

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