The value of hiring baby boomers in the workplace

By Adam Groff

If your business is in search of new employees, then you may want to consider turning to baby boomers: A growing number of people in their 50s and 60s are holding off on retirement, which could benefit your business recruiting.

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And you wouldn't be the only coroporation to do so.

The trend begins....

Hiring baby boomers is a growing trend among industries of all kinds. In fact, according to a recent study by AARP, health care industries, universities, and the U.S. government are setting their sights on hiring workers age 55 and older.

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Healthcare companies and facilities such as TriHealth Incorporated, Central Florida Health Alliance, Pinnacle Health, and the Saint Vincent Health System regularly hire baby boomers. In addition, the University of Pittsburgh, Cornell University, West Virginia University, and a number of other public and private colleges across the country hire older workers as well.

Government agencies like the Department of the Interior and the Department of Veteran Affairs both take advantage of all that baby boomer employees have to offer.

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As with most trends, however, there are pros and cons:

1. Pros

As mentioned in the article Retired Boomers Going Back to Work: It is Not About the Money! baby boomers are passionate about continuing to work into their later years. In addition, this generation also offers:

  • Experience—A strong corporate and business background is something that many baby boomers bring to the table. Although the way you run your business has probably changed over the years, the one-on-one interactions and business management techniques probably haven't changed much at all. Experienced baby boomers can provide unique, valuable perspectives in these departments.
  • Dependability—Older workers know how important it is to show up on time and put in a good day's work. They are dependable, loyal, and usually have flexible work schedules, which means your business can depend on them when other employees are unable to work.

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  • Leadership—The experience and knowledge that baby boomers have gained over the years makes them excellent leaders. They're not afraid to take on projects, manage other workers, and give direction.
  • Financially Stable—Many baby boomers that choose to work into their retirement years are usually financially stable. They already have healthcare coverage and aren't interested in job benefits, which can save your business money.

2. Cons

The disadvantages of hiring baby boomers are few and far between however they're still worth mentioning. 

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For example, some baby boomers may be set in their ways, which could make it difficult for them to take direction, especially from younger employees at your business.Likewise, although older workers are experienced in many business practices, technology might not be in their wheelhouse.

This doesn't mean baby boomers aren't trainable, but it does create a larger learning curve, which could cost your business time and money.


About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including business management and the hiring process.

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