May 19, 2020

[Video] 13 Things You Don't Already Know About Elon Musk

Elon Musk
Shane Watson
1 min
[Video] 13 Things You Don't Already Know About Elon Musk

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We’ve all heard of Elon Musk, the Canadian-American inventor and entrepreneur du jour. He co-founded PayPal. He is the CEO and CTO of SpaceX, which in September secured a $1.6B – yes, “billion” with a “b” – contract with NASA. He is also the chairman of SolarCity, and the CEO and chief product architect of Tesla Motors. (If none of this is ringing a bell, it’s time to crawl out from under that rock.) 

Known for his revolutionary take on modern science, the name Elon Musk is synonymous with innovation. A modern-day Albert Einstein (or perhaps more appropriately, Nikola Tesla), his genius is shaping the future of multiple industries, from aerospace to automotive.

Ok, so that is a brief synopsis of his resume; you can easily find all of this through Google, and you most likely already knew it. 

But watch this video to see 13 things we bet you didn’t know. 

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