May 19, 2020

Walmart fights for custom with a makeover

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Sumit Modi
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Walmart fights for custom with a makeover

Walmart is getting a facelift.

In many stores, the entirety of the contents has been shifted in order to showcase specific sections: namely organic produce, sushi, gourmet cheeses, and fresh charcuterie. The new layout is being tested in various locations, with the view to revamp many more in the future. The retail giant aims for products to appear more attractive, and for the stores themselves to be easier to navigate.

Sales growth has been sluggish of late, and Walmart hopes that the changes will lure custom back from smaller businesses. The new initiatives will occur in 3,465 Supercenters and 633 Neighborhood Markets across the US. 

According to the company, many customers were unaware that Walmart sold organic items; it reacted by rebranding that produce with purple labels to highlight the difference.

However, aesthetic changes can only go so far - more and more shoppers are ordering online, rendering the makeover moot, and other large retail stores are placing increasing priority on food. Walmart will have to continue fighting for its corner.


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