What Can My Employees Get Out of Trade Shows?

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By: Angie Mansfield

Taking your employees to trade shows can be expensive due to travel expenses and registration fees. But the benefits for both you and them may be well worth it.

Here are a few things your employees will find at trade shows:

Information About Trends and Resources

A trade show can be a great place to learn about what's hot in your industry right now, and what trends to expect in the near future.

This can help you develop products and strategies to take advantage of those trends -- which can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Networking Opportunities with Other Retailers

Encourage your employees to mingle and network with other retailers at the show.

This networking may result in new business leads, or it may give your staff new ideas for how to improve and grow your business.

The relationships you foster at trade shows can also turn into long-term mutual support, giving both companies a sounding board for future ideas.

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Information on the Competition

A trade show is a perfect place to check up on the competition without a lot of effort.

You and your employees can judge where you stand compared to your major competitors. By determining what they're doing right or wrong, you can better identify your own strengths and weaknesses.


Whether it's an educational seminar, a networking event, or a survey, participating in everything a trade show has to offer creates plenty of learning opportunities.

Your employees can learn about business trends, marketing strategies that are working right now, and in-depth information about your industry. All of these things will help them better do their jobs when they come home.

Successful Trade Show Attendance

There are several things you can do to improve your trade show experience and get the most out of it:

  • Plan ahead and pre-register so you won't have to worry about a last-minute scramble to get organized.
  • Have a meeting well in advance of the trade show and make a plan with your employees for what they need to accomplish while at the show. This plan can include visiting vendors, seminars you want them to attend, and items you need to buy.
  • Keep a notepad and pen handy to jot down notes, and bring along a bag to hold literature and promo items you'll collect while exploring the show.
  • Make sure everyone takes a healthy stack of business cards, and encourage them to introduce themselves to plenty of other attendees.
  • You and your employees will likely accumulate a lot of brochures, samples, and promotional items. Everyone should leave room in their suitcases to carry these items home.

A trade show can be a great experience for both you and your team.

While the travel and registration costs may seem expensive, the value you gain from educational and networking opportunities will more than make up for it.

About the Author: Angie Mansfield is a freelance writer whose work covers topics of interest to both consumers and small business owners, including billfloat.

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