What it Takes to Become a Top Canadian Startup

By Bizclik Editor


Deciding to bring your “great business idea” into real life  is a hard action to execute. Without the proper plan, your potentially profitable startup can fall face flat into bankruptcy. When planning a new business, there are important steps you must take to ensure that initial business success is immediate when opening the doors to the public. Business Review Canada will cover some essential points that start up business owners should keep in mind when venturing into the world of commerce.

Invest Time in your Product

First and foremost, you need to invest yourself into your idea and product. Without it your business won’t make it. Developing something to the best of your capabilities allows the opportunity for your business to go far. It may not be the complete or end all version of your idea, but a rough version is something you can show customers or investors as you break into the business world.

Develop a Business Plan

A business plan isn’t something you should obsess about, but it is important to have when starting your own company. Even if the plan only includes operations and manufacturing run by a limited workforce, it will guide you through day-to-day and month-to-month progress. Organizing your business structure in the beginning, while it’s new and small, makes your business easier to manage over time.

Start Scaled Down

You won’t be able to create a multi-million or billion dollar corporation overnight, so don’t expect to. Start small and leave room for growth. Keep in mind that you are the original owner and workforce. If you can’t pull it off, then it’s not going to happen. Find a small model to get operations started while preserving capital to keep the business afloat.

Keep an Open Mind

Learning is an important part of starting your own business. Using books, other business owners and previous work experience, you can build a knowledge base that will support you through the thick and thin of the business’ beginning stages. Analyzing your competition is another way to gain knowledge. Seeing what others do in the industry can easily help your company and may keep you from having to start from scratch.

Invest in Yourself

When starting your own business, you should expect to put up the initial funding yourself. If you’re not willing to invest in your business, who says anyone else will be interested? Additionally, many say skating by on low funds in the beginning can make an entrepreneur smart, especially when you have to be creative to get things done. Finally, most venture capitalists or other investors look down upon companies that are run on other people’s money, so it is extremely important to invest in yourself first.

Build a Good Team

Without employees, your company won’t exist. People are important in a startup business’ operations and so you have to find the good ones. Feel free to be particular about who joins the team as they can make or break your company’s productivity and culture. Additional minds in on operations are also helpful for different perspectives. Having a smart workforce could be the difference between failure and success.


Every business needs funding, especially startups. But how can you get your hands on some? First you should do your research. If you’re approaching a venture capitalist, or a group of them, you’ll want to know what they’ve invested in and why. Timing is also important, many venture capitalists want to see a solid product and business plan—proof your company just needs capital to expand and develop business. Canadians should also be aware of all funding opportunities available, such as funding from banks, the government or non bank financial corporations.

These are just a few of the many excellent points to keep in mind when starting your own business. Overall, business is highly competitive, therefore, there has to be some serious planning before venturing into business ownership. 



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