What young entrepreneurs can learn from Canada's top-ranked business woman

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If you haven’t yet heard of Shannon Rogers, you will! Ranked as Canada’s top business woman, Rogers has some advice for young entrepreneurs—advice that can really help both men and women prosper. After all, she knows from personal experience what it’s like to enter the business world at the very bottom and then climb the ladder to the very top.

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Originally reported by Yahoo! Canada, Rogers earned degrees in both common law and civil law at McGill University. She then landed a job at a Toronto law firm, before joining Warren Roy, CEO and found of Global Relay, at his new and very small firm. She became the president and general counsel. And the rest is history, as she’s since become a leader and one of Canada’s most respected executives.

And here’s what you can learn from her!

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First and foremost, in following in Rogers’ footsteps, if you’re not happy with your current position or career, then you need to move on—she did! Sure, it may be taking a risk or a chance on something new and small (i.e. the firm she went to work for in Vancouver), but the possibilities may be well worth it. When it comes to the business world, you can’t always play it safe.

Regarding the issue, Rogers said, “I think you know in your gut when something seems right.” Therefore, follow those gut instincts—they rarely let you down.

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It’s important to have a routine. Of course, depending on the company you work for and your specific role, this routine may change or be different than someone else’s. However, finding the methods that work best for you and your needs will help you stay focused and find success. Once you find and develop this routine, try to stick with it.

And finally, if you want to become a business leader, then you need to grow awareness around the fact that you are leader. If you want others in the business industry to respect you as a leader, then you need to show and prove that you are one.

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[SOURCE: Yahoo! Canada]

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