May 19, 2020

William Mougayar joins Canada’s Etherparty as an Advisor

William Mougayar
The Business Blockchain
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William Mougayar joins Canada’s Etherparty as an Advisor

William Mougayar, author of The Business Blockchain and world renowned expert on the subject, has been appointed as an Advisor by Etherparty, a Canadian technology startup that creates smart contracts using any blockchain.

The company has played a role in the launch of hundreds of smart contracts on Ethereum’s Ropsten testnet.

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“Etherparty is helping popularize an array of use cases for smart contracts, while lowering the barriers of entry for user adoption," says Mougayar. “I'm keen to support a Canadian company that is following the right procedures in token generation, while delivering a much-needed utility to the blockchain market.”

Smart contracts can be used to help exchange money, property, shares etc. easily and quickly, whilst avoiding the use of a third party.

The Canadian author will join the advisory board alongside other blockchain experts including Anthony Di Iori, Scott Wilson, Michael Perklin and Moe Levin, in the aim of helping the company to further help the growing community of global users to better understand, explore the uses of, and implement blockchain.

“William has been a positive voice in the blockchain space as he continues to advocate for greater operational transparency and regulatory innovation in token-based models via best practices,” said Kevin Hobbs, CEO of Etherparty. “His influence and knowledge will help us make Etherparty the leading smart contract platform globally.”

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