May 21, 2020

Accenture – digital transformation through Industry X.0. US Edition of Business Chief speaks to the tech strategists

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(Norwich, UK, 07/12/2018)

Accenture is changing the digital landscape with Industry X.0; a framework that underpins the digital reinvention of industry, through which organizations leverage advanced digital technologies to transform their core business operations…

These are unprecedented and exciting times, an era in which the very fabric of human living is being reimagined and redefined every day by the ways in which humans now get to interact with the ‘things’ around them. The ‘things’ have been injected with life; life in the form of software-defined intelligence that can not only make the things ‘think’ and act smartly, but also connect and collaborate with other things and more importantly, with humans. Our social network is not just defined by our friends and relatives any more – there is a new class of friends, in the form of the ‘living things’ all around us. Connectedness has been redefined – it is not only confined to just the 7bn+ humans anymore but is extended to include the 8bn+ ‘smart and living things’ that exist today.

Coexistence with smart living things has evolved into embodied cognition – our smartphones and cars are extensions of our character and profile and they seamlessly transfer the extensions when moving away from one and entering into the space of the other. The rate at which things are getting smarter and connected is staggering. Gartner projects there will be in excess of 20bn smart and connected things by 2020. There has to be a structured and methodical approach to manage this exponential growth of our connected ecosystem such that the inclusion of the new class of ‘smart and living things’ into day-to-day life, is focused on increasing human productivity and efficiency, and ultimately improving our lifestyle. A framework is imperative to making this connected ecosystem work for us.

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