May 21, 2020

Cypress Creek Renewables: Powering the US solar agenda

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(Norwich, UK, 16/07/2018) – Supporting local communities and utilities to gain access to affordable, clean energy, Cypress Creek Renewables provides a one-stop-shop across the solar power industry.

In this month’s Business Chief USA, Joe Brotherton, Executive Vice President of Operations and Maintenance, provides an exclusive insight into how the business sources and develops land, and how its three main areas: developing, construction and operations and maintenance (O&M) work in sync to guarantee exceptional services across the business.

“Cypress is unique. Whilst we develop and find land, we also have a group that constructs and builds projects. We’re involved at all levels. I get to be involved in a lot of the upfront work, whereas traditional operator wouldn't. Normally, this individual is brought in when the project is built and are not involved in this way,” he says.

With extensive experience within both operations and maintenance (O&M) and the semiconductor space, Brotherton is only too aware of how partnering with communities can benefit both business and commercial clients.

“We’re working within programs where we can build a project and there's multiple beneficiaries, not just a single source,” he explains.

“This has really been our focus. Utilities have a commitment to undertake so many renewable energy projects within the next 10 years.

“We're in the community, hiring locally. We also have training programs at community colleges to train people to be technicians or work in the renewable energy space.”

To discover the full story, click here to read the magazine and here for the brochure.

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