May 21, 2020

DRA Global is delivering innovation to the mining site, turning underperforming projects into outstanding ones

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(Norwich, UK, 12/11/2019)

DRA Global (DRA) is a diversified global engineering, project delivery and operations management group with expertise in the areas of project development, mining, mineral processing, plant optimisation, operations & maintenance and related water, energy, and infrastructure requirements.

In an interview with Business Chief Canada magazine, Brent Hilscher, the company’s Director of Process (Western Canada), explains how DRA employs many distinct technologies for bulk and particle sorting. For bulk sorting prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) is one of the most common where the ore is scanned and exposed to neutrons. Gamma rays are re-admitted from the ore with specific signatures a result of the atoms contacted which can, for example, reveal how much copper is in the ore on the conveyor. “Particle sorting is where I probably spend most of my time,” says Hilscher. “Every rock is scanned individually with technology capable of analysing each particle to tell you what’s ore and what’s waste.”

Hilscher believes that in order to drive innovation, all metrics and operational concerns need to be addressed. It’s a weighty issue where he argues a balance must be struck. “Metallurgists tend to be worried about recovery. Geologists are concerned about ounces and pounds in the ground. Mining guys are focused on tonnes, while CEOs are counting the dollars,” he muses. “I’ve found that the economic model does a great job of bringing all those people together and helping them see the big picture.”

To find out more about how DRA Global is using a holistic approach to paint that picture and unite metallurgists, geologists, miners and management on the best path to profit recovery, read the full story in the December edition of Business Chief Canada.

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